How We Teach


With Open Hearts & Minds....

Instructors teach the theories and techniques necessary to pass the State Board exam. This is supplemented with techniques developed by ARROJO. We apply a modern and creative, precision-based method to our cosmetology practices so we can always create beautiful, wearable, fashionable hair. Creativity is integral to cosmetology and to celebrate their graduation students produce and present their own creative presentation, incorporating the cutting, coloring, styling, and makeup techniques taught on the program, sharing it with their class, family and friends. This is something special, which can stay in a portfolio forever.

Giving You a Unique Experience

Work with Guest Artists

A unique part of our curriculum is our ability to offer guest demos and lectures from the stylists who work at the multi-award-winning ARROJO studio salon locations. Their insights, experiences, technical and creative know-how help to provide a high-quality education to our students. As the school is also connected to our ARROJO product retail store and further education (ARROJO academy) companies, we can bring professionals from all areas of the business into the school as an extra source of inspiration, and to help students prepare for any preferred career path.

Learn The Fundamentals

Stage 1: Introduction to Fundamentals (280 hours)

Get ready to learn, practice, and master the craft.

The course begins with the New York State Board requirements, including health and safety, client communication, product knowledge and usage, the importance of retailing, related sciences, and nail and skin care. Then students learn the theory and practices of modern hairstyling, including the basics of cutting, coloring, styling, updos, wigs, and braiding. Students also study business building and career development, vital for a lasting, prosperous, rewarding career. The priority of each lecture, demo, and workshop is to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills, so that by the end of the Stage 1 students have a strong foundation from which to build.

Put it into Practice


Stage 2: Cut & Color Techniques (280 hours)

Be technically precise and creative.

Through demonstration and practical work on mannequins, Stage 2 covers State Board essentials and advanced ARROJO techniques in cutting, coloring, styling and blow-drying. Practiced cutting techniques include one-length lines, graduation, and layering. Practiced color techniques include single processes, highlights, formulations, and processing steps. Updos like the French twist and chignon bun are also practiced, as are natural, smooth and sleek, and wavy and curly blow-drying styles. Perming and re-texturizing are also covered as students are given a rounded and thorough understanding of hairdressing. 

Perfect Your Skills

Stage 3: Apply Your Knowledge (280 hours)

Gain good habits. Practice. Practice. Practice. Make people beautiful.

In Stage 3, students continue to evolve their skills in cutting, coloring, and styling. Now, as well as continuing with demonstrations and workshops, students realize techniques on models on the student salon floor. This includes how to perform specialized cut and color consultations, alongside practice, practice, practice of correct hairdressing habits. A key element of Stage 3 is to ensure students, as well as having proper understanding of the techniques, understand the importance of making people look and feel beautiful. By the end of this Stage, students are given a practical introduction to razor-cutting, providing students insights to this modern and sophisticated, high-level technique.

Stage 4: Perfect Your Skills (160 hours)

Time to shine.

In Stage 4, students work primarily on clients on the student salon floor. Scissor and razor cutting, editorial styling, and fashion-forward color are brought into sharp focus as students practice and master ARROJO techniques that enhance each person's skill set. We also carefully assess each aspect of theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure students are ready to pass their State Board exam and become a successful cosmetologist. This Stage is the launch pad for a great career, and time to build a creative repertoire, as students receive advanced salon floor training in the full range of client services.