Ancient tribes turned to barbers for spiritual guidance, Persians used shaving as a war tactic, in the Middle Ages barbers played the role of doctors. Historically, the art of barbering is revered. 

Now, barbering is having a renaissance. Being a barber makes you an artisan of a burgeoning trade.  You can be creative not corporate. It’s a job that will never be outsourced or taken by a bot. Grooming modern styles, it is an aesthetically pleasing 21st-century career that lets you influence the zeitgeist of men’s fashion and style.

With the new perspective, comes the new necessity: Elevated barbering that keeps the craft cool, while giving you a profession for life.  


An ELEVATED program


The ARROJO Cosmetology School Barbering Program is more fashion-forward and creative than a typical barbering curriculum. 

Going beyond clipper work and fading, we teach classic and creative trends and techniques, like military-inspired styles, scissor over comb, razored layers, freehand dry cutting, square and lean shapes, and the creation of texture and taper.  

While there is plenty of time to practice and master State Board mandated techniques, the essence of the technical aspect of our program is to go beyond the basics to teach the modern and creative, precision-based methods that give Nick Arrojo and his eponymous brand a global reputation for hairdressing in the contemporary era.



Our 3-stage curriculum covers everything from the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to ace the State Board to advanced and progressive, contemporary techniques giving you a head start in your career. 

STAGE 1 - Introduction to Fundamentals (Stage 1: 210 hours) 

Acquire theoretical knowledge for a deeper understanding of barbering.

STAGE 2 – Apply Your Knowledge (Stage 2: 210 hours)

Cover classic techniques in cutting, styling and shaving and put your skills into action on models and clients on the student salon floor.

STAGE 3 – Perfect Your Skills (Stage 3: 180 hours) 

Become a master — study advanced theories and practice advanced techniques on models and clients on the student salon floor.